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About Us

Industries LacWood Inc was founded by Normand Lacroix, a known entrepreneur of the Hearst, Ontario region.  Since 1981, Mr. Lacroix has been managing businesses in various sectors and wanted to end his career with a new project.  He wanted to develop a venture that would use the existing forestry resources but also create a venture which involved the manufacturing of value-added wood products.

With the collaboration of the Hearst Economic Development organization and the surrounding mills, Mr. Lacroix was able to seize the perfect opportunity to realize this project...

Production started in May of 2005 with the production of bed slats.  Then, the company added shelving components to their production line.  Today, the company remains a supplier of choice and the company has become an example and a driver for the development and diversification of  value-added wood products manufacturing in Northern Ontario.  Besides the technology involved and Mr. Lacroix's knowledge, being located in Northern Ontario has its benefits.  The company is surrounded by the vast, sustainable managed forests of the region, which definitely puts them in a competitive position...Plus, the wood used for production is dried at 10% MC !

Let's not forget that aside from this main production line, in 2007, the company finally put the EZn'ORGANIZED product line on the market!   A variety of products used to organize homes, offices, garages, classrooms (and more) can be found in this product line!  Plus, with the equipment available on site, it's always possible for them to customize any of your special orders.

Finally, in summer of 2008, the unused wood from production was officially transformed and sold as kindling wood and 2009 brought another great product to the list:  a natural, wood compost box...

The team at Industries LacWood Inc continues to put together ideas to make every day life:


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